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What constitutes domestic violence in Tennessee?

| Feb 3, 2020 | Domestic Assault |

The occurrence of domestic violence is, unfortunately, a common issue across the United States and in Tennessee. Many victims of domestic violence suffer for a prolonged period because they feel trapped in their situation and are fearful about reporting the incidents to the police.

While domestic violence is a serious issue, it is also common for domestic violence to be falsely reported, or misreported, just like other criminal accusations. If you have been accused of domestic violence but you believe that you are innocent and you want to defend yourself, you must take the time to understand the law.

The Definition Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can take many different forms. Contrary to popular belief, the abuse in question does not need to be physical for it to count as domestic violence under the law. Domestic violence is defined as a pattern of abusive behavior in any form of domestic relationship. The following are the possible types of abuse that could constitute an incident of domestic violence.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse in any relationship is never acceptable. If a person hits, punches or perpetrates any type of physical violence against someone that they live with or are in a relationship with, this counts as domestic violence. A common defense against an accusation of physical abuse is self-defense.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual activity must always be consensual, regardless of whether the two people are married or not. If a person tries to force or coerce another into having any form of sexual relations, it can count as a form of domestic violence.

Emotional Or Psychological Abuse

Domestic violence often involves a combination of emotional and physical abuse, but emotional abuse alone is enough for it to constitute an act of domestic violence. If a person tries to cause fear in another person, tries to damage their self-esteem or somehow alter their perspective on themselves or the way they are thought of by others, it can count as emotional or psychological abuse.

Being found guilty of domestic violence in Tennessee can negatively affect every aspect of your life. If you have been accused of this crime and you believe that you are innocent, it is important that you take swift action to defend yourself.